The head of a department: prof. Shermolovich Yu.G.
The head of a department: prof. Shermolovich Yu.G.

About a department. The department has been established in 1973 on the basis of scientific group from a department of phosphorusorganic compounds which was engaged in scientific researches in the field of chemistry sulfurorganic compounds containing sulfur – nitrogen double bond. By the head of a department it has been appointed prof. E.S. Levchenko who held this post up to the end of March, 1986. Since 1986 the department heads prof. Yu.G. Shermolovich. In the department 3 doctors of science, 8 candidates of sciences and 4 engineers work.

The main scientific direction of a department. Creation of preparative synthetical methods and studying of chemical properties of new fluorine- and sulfur containing compounds to investigate a possibility of their use for medicinal chemistry. Exploration of synthetical methodologies and development of approaches to use of fluoro-containing compounds for creation of new substances with useful properties.

The main scientific and practical achievements of a department. A simple and versatile method for the preparation of DAST and other types of organyltrifluorosulfuranes which differs from the known earlier methods by avoiding of the usage of toxic and aggressive compounds, such as elemental fluorine or sulfur tetrafluoride was developed. The fluorine atoms introduction methods into the molecules of perspective physiologically active compounds were developed. The convenient methods for preparation of various fluorinated building blocks (sulfides, ketones. dithioestes. thioamides) were elaborated and their application in custom synthesis of different heterocyclic compounds with fluoroalkyl substituents was explored.


  • Gudz’ Ganna P.
  • Guzyr Oleksandr І.
  • Zasukha Sergіy V.
  • Kamіns’ka Olena І.
  • Kolesnik Natalіya P.
  • Markіtanov Yurіy M.
  • Mikhaylichenko Sergіy S.
  • Pashinnik Valerіy Yu.
  • Pіkun Nadіya V.
  • Rozhenko Oleksandr B.
  • Sіry Sergіy A.
  • Slyusarenko Olena І.
  • Timoshenko Vadim M.


Departmental project:

  • Creation of methods of synthesis and research of chemical properties of fluorine containing heterocyclic compounds of new types – potential medicines for treatment of virus and cardiovascular diseases.


Competitive projects: 

  • New fluorine-containing nucleoside and nucleotide compounds. Synthesis, studying biological activity in vitro and in vivo, exploration of effective technology of medicine preparation for treatment of virus diseases.
  • Investigation of new fluorine containing reagents to be utilized in the syntheses of biologically active compounds and components of the modern chemical current sources.
  • New approach to charge-transfer complexes and anion-radical salts as perspective structure blocks of functional molecular materials.


Scientific cooperation:

  • Bayer CropScience
  • Merck KGaA
  • PPG Industries
  • University of Gottingen (Germany)
  • Rouen University (France)
  • Reims University (France)
  • D.K.Zabolotnogo Institute of microbiology and virology (Ukraine)


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