The Department of Biologically Active Compounds was founded in 1958 by Professor P. Pelkis who headed it till 1980. Since 2011 the head of the department is Volochnyuk D.M. (Sc.D.).
Personnel structure of the Department: The Department employs 3 Doctors of Science, 10 Doctors of Philosophy and 7 engineers.

Head of the Department – D.M. Volochnyuk

The main scientific direction of the department. The department excels in specialized laboratory synthesis and parallel synthesis using gas at high pressure. The priority research directions are molecular design and synthesis of compounds for the purpose of medical and agricultural chemistry. The department is working on ice tentative synthesis and the strategy of variously oriented conformational restriction. The department also conducts research on the development of methods for the synthesis of natural and biologically active compounds’ analogs containing pharmacophore groups of phosphorus and fluorine atoms.
The main scientific and practical achievements of the department. Employees of the department developed new medical drugs (ademol, amben, mebifon, nikorandyl, tomerzol, yakton) that were created in joint projects with institutions of National Academy for Sciences of Ukraine (Biochemistry, Food Biotechnology and Genomics, Cell Biology and Genetic Engineering) and Academy for Medical Sciences of Ukraine (Pharmacology, Toxicology and Experimental and Applied Oncology and Radiology).
Department actively participates in various projects with domestic and foreign partners aimed at finding new compounds with desired biological properties: “Synthesis of combinatorial libraries and functional materials” (JSC “Makrokhim”), “Design and synthesis of new multifunctional building blocks for medicinal chemistry “(BCH Research, UK), “Design and synthesis of nitrogen bisphosphonates: new generation of research in synergy with vitamin D3 in the treatment of bone disease” (Targeted Comprehensive Program for Basic Research of NASU, project “Fundamental Problems of New Chemical Compounds and Materials Production”), “The development of new drugs from heterocyclic compounds to combat pathogens of enterobacterial human infections” (State scientific and technical program for development of new domestic pharmaceuticals’ technologies for human health and meeting the needs of veterinary medicine in 2011-2015).


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