The Institute accomplishes preparation of  highly qualified scientific brainpower by means of Post-Graduate Course on specialities “Organic Chemistry” and “Chemistry of Organo-Element Compounds”.

Highly qualified personnel supervises the students and helps them to master knowledge, practical experience, professional skill, study methods of scientific research.
Admission to the Post-Graduate Course proceeds in September.

The Research is conducted with the use of modern scientific instruments.
Administration of the Institute always pays a great attention to the  organization of scientific work and everyday life of Graduates in particular provision of nonresident Graduate students hostel for a period of study in Graduate School.
Graduate students use the Institute’s library, which is one of the best libraries in organic chemistry among chemical profile Institutes in Ukraine.
Graduates have the opportunity to continue fundamental scientific research under the supervision of highly qualified staff of the Institute, to participate in the performance of various grants and programs .

Contact phone numbers: +380 44 292 81 75, +380 44 499 46 26,